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Case Study: Optimizing Facebook Image Exposure

In a previous post, we discussed ways to optimize your Facebook posts, in order to make the most of every post.

We talked about how to use links, images, posting times, scheduling tools, and other tips to make sure your post is seen by the greatest audience.

Now we’d like to add to that with a few examples specifically surrounding photos and images on Facebook.

Facebook Images

Photos and images have become a big part of how we share content on Facebook. Many people use images to share their quotes and messages because it makes them appear more attractive and attract more attention.

There are 4 ways you can share images on Facebook;

  1. Image, no caption – you can simply upload any image you want to share with your followers to Facebook at any time without much hassle.
  2. Image, with caption – you can add a message or caption when you upload your image.
  3. Live Link, with preview – share the link in your status as an update and Facebook will create an auto preview which can include a thumbnail image.
  4. In Comments – you can share an image in the comment section of a post.

Now, the first and second option may sound rather simple and similar, but we list them separately for a reason. There is actually a substantial difference in exposure when you include a message or caption with your photos.

Believe it or not, the third option gets the least amount of exposure due to the Edgerank algorithm used by Facebook when they determine the content that will be displayed in people’s newsfeed.

And the forth option is tough to measure.

Facebook Image Study

To prove our point, we did some tests.

In this case study, we used a business Facebook Page with about 175 ‘likes’. The average exposure per post is about 60-65 views. We experimented with these on 3 different occasions by sharing the same image in 3 different manners.

Results #1 – Image, no message

Average views were around 35-40.

Results #2 – Image, with message

Average views were around 60-65; plus, we saw an increase in engagement because we used the message to ask an additional question or make a statement.

Results #3 – Live link, with preview

Average views hovered around 18-21. They made our page look nice by adding images and colors, but they were generally ineffective.

Our conclusion

We suggest adding a thought provoking question or statement to accompany your images. This gives you the greatest exposure while also encouraging engagement. Of course, timing and content still play a big part in your results as well. And if you really want to boost exposure, consider utilizing a promotion or advertisement.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and results or contact us for help with your social media management.



  1. Katherine,
    These are great FB tips that I hadn’t thought of. It sounds like #2 Image, with message received the highest results. I’m going to try to utilize this and see what kind of results I get. Thank you for the post!

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