Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Given the nature of our work, it’s not always possible to share or visually display the results. However, below are a few examples of work and projects that can be captured and/or described.

Marketecs aims to create lasting professional partnerships by providing expert digital marketing, technology, business support, and consulting services to authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants.

Here are a few examples and description of some of our more popular services and in-depth projects.

  • Web Design

    Website Design and Development are a core component of what we offer. this may include brand new site, re-designing existing sites, creating landing pages for events, and sales pages for programs or products.

Alexander Bookkeeping

A successful bookkeeping company that needed a facelift!​

Logo and Branding

  • New Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Cards, Social Media, and more


  • Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Content and Image Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

New Brand Launch Promotion

  • 'Teaser' Images and Copy
  • Unique 'Showcasing' images and video for the new brand
  • Scheduling and planning for the release
Website re-design
New Logo Design
  • Graphic Design

    Graphics and visuals work their way into all of our projects, from logos and book covers to media kits, social media images, and blog images. We create custom images, source and edit stock photos, and take photos to meet the needs of each project.

AWE Partners

A social impact coach and strategist looking to grow her list and reach more people.


  • Cover Design
  • Content Editing
  • Landing web page design
  • Email marketing integration
  • Promotion and advertsing


  • Landing page design
  • Email marketing integration
  • Event promotion and support

Online Course

  • Sales page design
  • Purchase and Email marketing integration
  • Promotion and advertising
Ebook design
Webinar Opt-In page | Webinar optin page
  • Online Courses & Membership Programs

    We work with a lot of consultants, speakers, coaches, and authors that are experts in their fields. this means that eventually they are looking for ways to expand their reach and impact. Online courses or membership programs offer a way to support more people and make more money in doing so.

The Center for Transformation and Change

A successful speaker, author, and management consultant, specializing in Social Justice, Inclusion, and Equity among corporate and higher education communities.


  • Video content editing
  • Landing web page design
  • Email marketing integration
  • Promotion and advertsing

Online Courses

  • Landing page design
  • Course planning and creation
  • Email marketing integration
  • Promotion, advertising, and support
Webinar for speaker | webinar for author
Online Course building for business coaches and consultants | online course building for speakers and authors
  • Social Media Advertising

    Once a great product, service, or brand is created it's a natural next step to ask 'how is it shared'. We create and manage advertising campaigns for many of our clients to help them expand their reach and visibility online. Our most popular advertising campaigns are facebook Advertising and LinkedIn Advertising.

ebook design for IT technical company

SDB Consulting

A niche expert in supporting and consulting IT Managed Service Providers needed to polish and strengthen his online presence and position.

Website Re-Design

  • Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Content and Image Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

List Building

  • Lead magnet planning and design - ebook, evaluation, and webinar
  • Sales and Landing page designs
  • Email marketing integration
  • Social Media promotion, advertising, and support


The design phase of most projects consisted of branding colors, fonts, and imagery. Book cover designs, landing pages, graphics, social media images, email layouts, logos, and more.


For marketing and promotion, we incorporate Facebook and LinkedIn ads, email follow-up campaigns, website pop-up opt-in boxes, and integrated everything with marketing systems.


We will often continue to manage and maintain promotional efforts through statistics, ad monitoring, and tweaking copy and images to maximize sales and list building efforts.