marketecs - marketing and technology for coaches and consultants

A blend of marketing and technology for coaches and consultants

Marketecs is a marketing and operations company providing entrepreneurs with the blend of support they need to better leverage their time and resources. We have a skilled team of professionals that utilize the latest in technology and techniques to develop and improve marketing and operational systems.

Because we are contractors (not employees), we help simplify the process of getting the help you need. There are no expensive employment taxes, no complicated benefit or training issues, no overhead or equipment concerns, and no lost productivity due to downtime.

Marketing help for coaches

Marketecs aims to create lasting professional partnerships by providing expert digital marketing, technology, business support, and consulting services to coaches and consultants.

Marketing help for consultants

We are happy to help any entrepreneur improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, operations, and administrative functions.

We specialize in working with the following:

    • Business and Life Coaches
    • Professional Consultants
    • Information Marketers
    • Authors and Writers
    • Professional Speakers
    • Online Based Retail Businesses
Marketing help for authors

We Practice Integrity

We take our business seriously. We are professionals who take great pride in our work as well as our results. For each client or project, we clearly identify the terms, payment, confidentiality, and scope of work.

We Create Fun

We are a team that enjoys what we do and enjoys life too. We respect the creative process and make it our job to get to know our clients. and our low turnover in team and clients speaks for itself…

We Foster Education

We host learning workshops in our Maine office and will soon be adding online training courses as well. Our workshops focus on our areas of expertise, including online marketing and technology.

We Pursue Excellence

We want the best results, it’s that simple. We also thrive on utilizing automation and technology in online marketing, so we consider learning and continuing education a big part of our focus.

Marketing help for speakers

Getting Started

  • 01

    We start with an inquiry and intake process to determine your needs and make sure we are the best company to meet them.

  • 02

    We schedule a conversation to better understand your business and determine the team members that can best meet your needs.

  • 03

    You are paired with a project manager who coordinates with internal and external team members to facilitate change and move projects forward with less effort from you.

  • 04

    We make it easy to communicate and coordinate with anyone on your team by providing you with an online project management system, and there’s even an app for that! 😉


  • 01

    If you choose, your project manager will schedule weekly conference calls to keep you up-to-date on all progress.

  • 02

    We offer monthly strategy and consulting options to help you move your business and marketing process forward.

  • 03

    With online conferencing software, it has never been easier to have a ‘live’ chat with your entire team even if they’re remote.

  • 04

    With our online project management system, you have access to monitor communication, tasks, process, time, and more.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    Part of our ongoing process is to monitor and measure results. Our goal is always improvement.

  • 02

    Part of our differentiation is discovery. We find new opportunities for our clients.

  • 03

    Our nature is to automate and create systems. The more we learn about our clients, the more we automate their businesses.

  • 04

    Through analytics, new opportunities, and reducing redundancy, we ultimatly increase profitability.

Digital marketing help for coaches

Strategic Office Support was founded by Kathrine Farris in 2009. Kathrine had a vision of using and sharing her skills and experience to help local businesses become more efficient, productive, and successful by outsourcing their administrative functions. Kathrine envisioned partnering with companies and becoming an integral part of their business strategy and planning by providing professional administrative support they could rely on and trust.

Upon researching the use of outsourced administrative support, Kathrine discovered the term Virtual Assistant and with it a wealth of information. It was this research that lead to the official beginnings of the company.

Since its inception, Strategic Office Support has assisted and consulted companies of all sizes, in a variety of industries, and on a variety of topics. As they continued to evolve and increase their services and specialties, creating partnerships and building a team of business professionals who can assist with everything from data entry to marketing and graphic design… It became obvious that a new brand was emerging – Marketecs!

The success and development of Strategic Office Support has been extraordinary, and now we are excited to bring that energy and ability to Marketecs, making it a leader in online marketing and operational automation systems for coaches and consultants.