Optimizing Facebook Posts for Business

Optimizing Facebook Posts; Making the Most of Every Post

Facebook uses an algorithm, called Edgerank, to determine what content people will see in their newsfeed. Because the newsfeed is what drives a majority of the traffic and engagement on Facebook, you want to do everything you can to ensure your business posts are optimized to show up as often as possible.

The major factors that drive engagement include interaction and content. What does this mean? The more someone interacts with your business page, by liking and commenting on posts, the higher the likely hood that your post will appear on their newsfeed.

Improving Facebook Visibility

In addition to posting good content, here are some other factors that affect your Facebook visibility:

  • Linklessness – try to avoid using links in your posts. If you want to share an article, try writing a brief description and then including the link in the comments section.
  • Picture perfect – pictures and videos receive a lot higher engagement in Facebook. They are more visually appealing and noticeable; therefore, they get liked and shared more often.
  • Rush hour – consider the times that you are posting on Facebook. Higher traffic times, i.e. when more people are online, produce better results. Some research shows this to be morning, noon, and night. Your page insights may help you identify the best time for your current audience.
  • Avoid imitators – Avoid third party applications which allow you to pre-schedule your posts. If you are using Facebook for business, then you should be utilizing a business page, which has the ability to pre-schedule built in. No need for services such as hootsuite or tweetdeck for Facebook.
  • Steady as she goes – because interaction levels play a big part in your success on Facebook, it’s important to maintain a consistent presence.
  • Word count – the recommendations for word count varies depending on who you ask; however, we recommend no more than 140 characters per post because longer posts are not completely visible in the newsfeed.

You can also help yourself along by sharing your business posts to your personal page or relevant group pages that you belong to.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences with Facebook engagement or contact us if we can help you increase your exposure..


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