This Agreement is made by and between Kathrine Farris, Strategic Office Support LLC DBA Marketecs thereafter called ‘MARKETECS’ with a principal place of business at PO Box 812, Brunswick, Maine 04011 and any individual person or company that we collect money or services from in exchange for our services, thereafter called ‘the client’.


The client agrees to pay MARKETECS as agreed and invoiced.

Payment may be made via check to that address above, via PayPal using, or via the payment link found on the client invoice.

Additional needs will be billed at an hourly rate, billed in half hour increments, unless otherwise negotiated in writing.

Payment is due to MARKETECS upon receipt of or per the due date of each invoice. Invoices will be sent on the 1st of each month for hourly billing, the 15th of each month for retainer billing, or upon project completion for projects unless otherwise negotiated in writing.

Late payments will result in a 15% service charge applied every 15 days past due. Invoices over sixty (60) days past due will be sent to a 3rd party agency for collection.


The Client agrees to review and approve all creative copy, including text and graphics, for errors and omissions prior to printing, advertising, or further distribution. MARKETECS will not be held liable for any errors on copy that is reviewed and approved by the client.


All project deadlines must be agreed upon in advance by both MARKETECS and the client. The client agrees to provide a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice for all projects. In the event that a reasonable notice is not possible, MARKETECS will make every effort to meet the request, but will not be held accountable or liable for missed deadlines.


Communication received by MARKETECS during normal business hours will be addressed within 24 hours. Due to the nature of our business, we do not generally take unscheduled phone calls. Email or use of our online project management system are the best means of communication.


MARKETECS standard office hours are 9am to 5pm (ET) Monday to Friday. MARKETECS will make every effort to accommodate mutually agreed upon scheduled meetings out side of these time frames when necessary.

MARKETECS reserves the right to bill in one (1) hour increments for nights, weekends, and holidays.

In the event that a scheduled meeting is cancelled within less than 12 hours, MARKETECS reserves the right to bill for 50% of the scheduled meeting duration.


MARKETECS agrees to provide their own office and equipment as needed. Client agrees to reimburse MARKETECS for any non-customary expenses, such as postage and special supplies related specifically to the client’s work. MARKETECS will notify the client prior to making any expense decision to get approval.


Both parties agree that MARKETECS is acting as a professional independent contractor and consultant, and not an employee of the client. The client will not be held responsible for providing any benefits, training, or paying any employment taxes. MARKETECS will coordinate deadlines and deliverables with the client, but will not be expected to work around the client’s schedule and will be free to plan and complete tasks without oversight.

Changes to team members may be made on an as needed basis with written notification between MARKETECS and the client.


The client agrees to maintain a professional relationship with any MARKETECS team member as an integrated member of the MARKETECS team. Unless written consent is obtained, the client will not solicit or attempt to enter into any contracts with MARKETECS team members directly, outside of MARKETECS, for minimum of two years from the last payment to MARKETECS.


Any and all work performed under this agreement is considered to be the property of the client, and may not be resold without prior consent. MARKETECS is permitted to display any publically accessible work performed by the MARKETECS team on the MARKETECS website portfolio as a demonstration of talents and skill sets unless otherwise communicated in writing.


MARKETECS shall pay all income taxes and FICA incurred while performing services under this Agreement. NOTE: MARKETECS is an S-Corporation, therefore it is our understanding that clients are not required to complete or submit a 1099 for services performed. However, should IRS rules change, the client agrees to comply with the law regarding reporting requirements.


Both parties agree to maintain indefinite confidentiality in regards to any non-public shared information including but not limited to; passwords, financial data, client information, contract terms, trade secrets, and processes.

MARKETECS reserves the right to share necessary information with employees, team members, and sub-contractors without prior client permission, on an as needed basis, to complete any and all projects.


Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by written notice. MARKETECS shall be entitled to full payment for services performed prior to the effective date of termination.

Termination by the client does not exempt financial fulfillment of any prepaid, annual, or retainer contracts. Termination by MARKETECS removes any further financial obligation of any prepaid, annual, or retainer contracts. Termination by either party does not void the confidentiality clause.

Upon termination, and full payment, MARKETECS will provide the clients with all completed documents. MARKETECS will keep the clients’ access to our project management and file sharing systems operational for up to 30 days after the effective termination date. Each month there after will incur a twenty-five ($25) dollar per month storage fee.


If any portion of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, then the remainder of the agreement remains in full effect.