Social Media for Business: Get Going

Once a business has decided to get started using social media as part of their marketing, networking, and customer service plan, then it’s time to get set-up and get going.

We start by collecting the necessary information to create an online presence for the company and the individuals involved. We use this information to establish their social media profiles.

Here is some of the information that is needed to establish useful social media profiles;

  • Usernames – secure your business name early, choose something memorable
  • Passwords – think about security, include numbers and letters
  • Logos and Images – think about brand recognition and visibility
  • Education and Employment details – by sharing history you help build your credibility
  • Specialties and expertise – these can often be key words for search engines
  • Website links – any time possible include a link back to your website or blog
  • Mobile connection – use your phone as a means to connect and respond while on the go

Once profiles are established, it time to start using them!

  1. Connect – Search for classmates, coworkers, clients, family, and friends. Facebook is a great place to find out about personal life changes and updates. Twitter is a great place to find people that you don’t know who share similar interests. LinkedIn is a great source of professional information and updates on people that you network with and refer.
  2. Post – Share topics related to your interests/business and the interests of your target market. Topics related to a current event or holiday can be highly effective on Twitter.
  3. Invite – Create online invitations to events that you are hosting, and share links to events that you are attending. Events on LinkedIn and Facebook allow attendees to see who else is attending and comment on the event before, during, and after. Twitter hash tags and location applications can also be useful in event promotion.
  4. Pictures/Videos – A picture is worth a thousand words, and people are much more likely to view images than read text, so share pictures and videos of you and your company in action. A Facebook business page is a great place to share (appropriate) photos of the company Holiday party.
  5. Consistency – Post often in order to stay top of mind and remain current, consider posting at least weekly. Also, always respond to comments and questions as soon as possible.
  6. Integration– Include social media widgets and sharing icons on your website, blog, and newsletter. If you make it easy for a current or potential client to share your blog or newsletter and connect with you online, then the chances of it happening are higher.

For more information about social media and to get help using social media in your business, schedule a complimentary consultation.

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