5 Outlook Email Tips

Outlook is a widely used Microsoft Office program, however many people could still use some tips and tricks. Here are a few of my commonly used tactics for using Outlook more efficiently and effectively for email;

Email Flags

1. Flags – Flag important emails to come back and read them later.

How to – Click on the ‘flag’ symbol all the way to the right of the email

2. Sorting – Sort emails by sender or subject to quickly find a lost message.

Email Sorting

How to – Click the header that you would like to sort by.

3. Folders – Use folders to organize emails of similar topics. This helps keep important information together.

How to – Right-click over the ‘Inbox’ icon to the left, Click New Folder

Email Folders 4. Drafts – Create and save drafts of commonly sent emails to easily use and resend regularly.

How to – After creating and formatting your email, click the Save button. Now a copy of this message is in the ‘Drafts’ folder. To reuse the content, copy and paste it to a new email.

5. Signature – Create a professional signature to include at the bottom of all emails

Email Signature How to – From your Inbox, Go to Tools, Click Options, Click the Mail Format Tab, Click the Signatures button at the bottom. Then, click new to create a new signature file.

For more help with using Outlook or general email, please contact Office Solutions ME!


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