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Curation vs. Aggregation vs. Syndication; The Aggregating Solution

In this curation, aggregation, and syndication series, we will be analyzing the difference between the three, while giving you benefits and tools to help you determine what’s best for your needs.

We’ve all heard that ‘content is king’, and one of the best forms of SEO is finding great content. Well, in this digital age, the great content pursuit can feel overwhelming. This is where content aggregation can help you.

What is Content Aggregation?

Content Aggregation is the automated process of scouring the internet and social media to group information based on keywords.

According to Wikipedia, “Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates (groups together) a specific type of information from multiple online sources”

How is Aggregation different?

Aggregation is more of an exercise in keyword expertise. Because aggregation is automated, you have to utilize the best keywords and terms in order to aggregate content that will be valuable to your audience.

So, the main difference between curation and aggregation is that curation is manual and aggregation is automated. Both curation and aggregation are forms of syndicating, or re-publishing existing content.

Benefits of Content Aggregation

Content aggregation is an easy way to find and share targeted information from multiple sources and platforms. It allows you to quickly become an expert on a particular topic, without the lengthy process of creating the content yourself.

How do you Aggregate Content?

Content aggregation tools or software researches and finds great resources and presents them in an organized manner. You can then use social media, your website, and blog to share your aggregated content.


Content aggregating tools:,,

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