Teamwork as a Service?

In our recent posts, we offered some tips to help take your project from blueprint to achievement through effective project management tips and practices. But we all know you can’t (don’t want to) do it alone. Most successful projects involve a team, each team needs a leader, and the right tools to be successful.

Whether your team consists of full-time employees or freelance contractors, the need for organization, accountability, leadership, and communication are the same.

Teamwork Expert | Project management expert How do you accomplish all of these effectively, using just one single platform? Easy, Teamwork! And, no I’m not just talking about the verb, I’m also talking about the project management software program… A fantastic platform that allows you to streamline the details and delegation of projects, milestones, tasks, and communications with your team of technicians and experts (near or far).

Highlights About Teamwork For Project Management:

  • Each user gets their own sign-on with customized access to each project that they are assigned to.
  • You can work on multiple projects simultaneously, while they each remain compartmentalized with their own team, milestones, tasks, and subtasks.
  • The ability to collaborate and work in real time, on multiple goals, while still keeping things organized.
  • It replaces the need for emails – just leave your message right in the Teamwork platform. Each task can have its own comment thread with file attachments and privacy settings. As they say on their site, “No more sifting through emails or searching for attachments. Keep your team, files, comments, and attachments in one secure place. Keep it simple – no more time wasting”
  • There is a place for everything! Milestones, tasks, messages, files, notebooks, links, time tracking, calendar, you name it.
  • The ability to individually establish different administrative and privacy rights on each project, task, comment, notebook, etc… The details that you want to be kept private from others stay private.
  • You can track everything, and reporting is a breeze. You can do it by date, person, project and so on. You can export to Excel or to PDF.
  • You can really visualize your progress with Gantt charts, time reports, and graphs that are illustrated instantly.
  • All communications can also be sent via email (if you choose), so there’s no need to worry about a message or comment being missed.
  • You can set-up daily reports to be emailed to each user with updates on outstanding tasks or milestones.
  • You can also add additional text or email reminders for specific items on specific dates.
  • Tasks, messages, files, and notebooks can even be created easily via email.
  • Once a project is completed, just archive it. Should you need to revisit or reinstate it, no problem.
  • Yes, there is an app for Teamwork. You can accomplish 90% of Teamwork functions and received notifications via your smartphone!

Don’t want to take our word for it? Teamwork has assisted in the management of over 4.5 million projects. Plus, some of the most respected authorities in technology also rave about it. Jill Duffy of PC Magazine gave Teamwork the prestigious Editor’s Choice. “This excellent online platform eases many of the pains of project management by giving team members a self-explanatory interface that comes with all the tools needed to manage projects, keep an eye on people’s time, bill clients, and more.” gives it 4.5/5. “Teamwork Projects is a feature rich productivity and collaboration platform that lends itself to multiple applications, most notably the project management ecosystem. Features such as tasks, task lists, time tracking, file uploads, and messages make it the perfect tool to streamline day to day jobs. Teamwork Projects helps teams work better together, closes communications gaps and aligns business processes leading to a drastic increase in team performance.”

Teamwork Expert | Project management expert Convinced? We were too and we don’t just use it for Marketecs, in fact, we have established numerous accounts for our clients and have even gone to the extent of getting certified as Teamwork Experts! Check us out here on their site: Teamwork Experts List. We can help you set it up, train you and your team, and launch it in no time.

Need some talented technicians that are masters in their specialties? We have those too! Whether you need a complete team, a few, or just one that will compliment your existing group. We have the best-of-the-best, ready to make your project a banner success!


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