Subscription Forms; Tips for Creating a Subscription Box

In order to add someone to your email list, they must give you permission. Permission based marketing is necessary in order to comply with CAN-SPAM laws, plus it’s much more effective.

There are a variety of ways you can gain permission from a contact. A subscription form predominately displayed on your website is a great way to enable an automated permission system.

Subscription forms are generally just a box with a place for the user to enter their name, email address, and a description of what the user is signing up for. When they click on the ‘subscribe’ button they are automatically added to your email list.

Many people offer some sort of free gift in order to entice people to subscribe. This can be an e-book, guide, report, video training, or any other thing that your target audience would find valuable.

Here are some key components for creating a subscription form to your website;

  • Easy to use – The less information you ask for, the more likely people are to complete your form. So, keep it simple and clear!
  • Sign-Up Box | Subscription Widget | Subscription Box Easy to find – Place your subscription form on every page of your website and make it appear near the top of the page (above the fold) so people don’t have to scroll down to see it. You can also add subscription links to your email signature and other correspondence.
  • Add Value – Your subscription form should clearly explain the value of signing-up for your email, and provide something that your target audience will truly find valuable.
    Examples: “Sign-up for our weekly WordPress Tips” or “Get your free copy of my new e-book here!”
  • Eye Catching – Use bolding, bright colors, images, and keywords when creating your subscription form in order to draw attention and create the ‘call to action’ that you want. Some people even include a video explaining the benefits of subscribing.

When adding a subscription form to your website, your email marketing service will typically provide you with the code you will need for your website. This code is usually HTML or CSS code which can be placed on your site wherever you want the form to appear.

Some specific email marketing programs we recommend include (listed in order of capabilities and cost):

  1. Mail Chimp – free and paid versions
  2. Aweber – additional ‘sequencing’ abilities
  3. 1ShoppingCart – integrated shopping cart and affiliate program options
  4. Infusionsoft – comprehensive marketing and e-commerce solution

If your email marketing service doesn’t provide all of the customization or appearance options that you desire, your web designer can easily update and change the code to meet your needs.

Feel free to post any questions or comments about subscription forms, or contact us if you need help creating and setting-up your own subscription form.


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