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Repurpose; Reusing Articles and Blogs (Part 2)

Last week, we started our repurposing series by showing you a few ways to use your blog posts as newsletters. This week we are covering a variety of other ways to reuse your blog content.

While two of the most common ways to repurpose your blog content is via newsletters and social media, presentations and even books offer some other significant opportunities.

Social Media

In addition to interaction, social media requires frequent, consistent updates in order to maintain relevance and keep your readers interest. This is another place your blog content can be useful.

  1. Sharing new posts – You should make it a practice to share your new posts as you create them, by posting a link on your various social media account to your blog. Some people even share a single post multiple times over the course of a week or a few days.
  2. Sharing highlights – You can take the important thoughts from your blog posts and reuse them as social media content. For example, we might post a comment on Facebook that reads, “Are you linking your newsletter back to your blog?” or “TIP: Make your life easier by reusing your blog content in your newsletters.”


Blogging offers you the unique ability to both ‘test topics’ and promote upcoming presentations, trainings, and events.

  1. Repurpose content | Reuse Blogs Testing – If you notice that a particular blog post out performs all others, that would be a good indicator for you to determine how you might expand on that topic by creating a training course or offering an informational presentation.
  2. Promoting – Creating blog posts, leading up to an event, which will each cover a main topic being discussed during the event. This helps you organize your thoughts and essentially create your presentation, while also building interest in your topic; and providing blogging content and inspiration.


That’s right! Several entrepreneurs have even turned their blog posts into both physical and/or electronic publications and books. We’ve seen this done in two ways depending on the nature of your blog.

  1. Categories as Chapters – Using each of your categories as a chapter. This works if your entire blog is based around a common theme. For example if you write about business and your categories are finance, marketing, management, etc… Then your entire blog could become one big book of your thoughts and insights.
  2. Single Category – Using the content from a specific category as your inspiration. This method can work for anyone, and is almost necessary if your blog has several themes. For example, if you have a category devoted to business ideas, another about your children and home life, another about traveling, etc… then you may want to choose a particular category to focus on for your book.

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can reuse your blog content.

Feel free to share any thoughts or questions you have on reusing and repurposing your blog content.

Next week, we will be covering ways to repurpose your sales, training, and informational presentations.


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