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Repurpose; Reusing Article and Blog Content (Part 1)

Last month, we covered a variety of blogging topics in a series of posts that included content creation ideas. We talked about the importance of creating valuable content for your readers, as well as, suggested post length and frequency. This month, we are going to cover ways to reuse and repurpose that great blog content.

There are so many ways to repurpose your blogs and articles, that we are dividing this topic into two posts. Today we are focusing on using your blog posts specifically to create and inspire newsletter content and next week we will discuss social media, presentations, and even books.

Reusing Blog Content in your Newsletters

Newsletters and email based marketing efforts typically produce the best results. Your content is delivered directly to your audience’s inbox; they have already expressed an interest in you and your content by ‘opting in’ to receive this information. So, delivering valuable, timely content is that much more important.

Newsletters usually vary in frequency from weekly to quarterly, often being monthly. This is an excellent opportunity to reuse your blogs and articles.

Some common newsletter formats include:

  1. Repurpose content | reuse blog | recycle blog | blog as newsletter Least Effort – Giving a brief introductory paragraph and linking directly to a specific blog post from your newsletter with a line that usually reads ‘Click here to continue reading’. This is the easiest and least time consuming because it requires the least amount of new content creation.
  2. Moderate Effort – Linking to a blog series from your newsletter. This option requires you to write an article summarizing and tying the series together before linking to the various individual articles.
  3. Most Effort – Linking to a related blog post(s) to provide supporting information to your newsletter article. This option is the most time consuming, because you do need to create new content that is only related to your blog posts. So, you are essentially using your blog as inspiration instead of actual content.

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can reuse your blog content in your newsletter, while also directing traffic to your website.

Although it’s basically the same concept for repurposing any article content, you may have to be careful not to ‘copy’ article content that is published elsewhere, as it may not be allowed.

Feel free to share any thoughts or questions that you have on reusing and repurposing your blog content for newsletters.

Next week, we will be covering additional ways to repurpose your blog posts.


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