Repurpose; Reusing Content

Creating valuable content is a key component of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, it’s time consuming and downright stressful for some entrepreneurs.

One solution is to Repurpose!

Repurposing content is essentially the same as finding and creating ways to Reuse and Recycle what you have already created. This allows you to maintain a consistent image while making the most of your best content. After all, why not reuse the content that you painstakingly put together? Why recreate the wheel every time? Just Work Smarter, Not Harder!?!

Over the next four weeks we will detail how you can reuse your articles, blogs, presentations, and other marketing material in order to make the most of your opportunities.

Repurposing is not always as simple as just reusing existing content, although there are a few exceptions. You do want to ensure unique benefits with everything you publish. The key is utilizing multiple platforms, with consistent branding, while incorporating updates and improvements.

Repurpose content | Reuse content | repurpose blogs Example #1

If you notice that a particular blog post out performs all others that would be a good indicator to see how you might expand on that topic by creating a training course or offering an informational presentation; then the presentation can be further used on various sharing social sites.

Example #2

You can create blog posts leading up to an event that covers each of the main topics you will be discussing. This helps you organize your thoughts and essentially create your presentation, while also building interest in your event and providing yourself blogging inspiration and content.

These are just two of over seven methods we will share over the next few weeks in our posts on reusing your articles and blogs. We will also cover website content, print materials, videos, and PowerPoint presentations.

I hope you enjoy this series on repurposing content, and find it beneficial. After reading all these posts, I hope you will also see how almost every piece of content you create can be reused and repurposed in some way to increase your productivity while broadening your reach.

Feel free to let us know if you have any specific thoughts or questions about repurposing your content.

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