Entreverge Award Nomination

Marketecs (FKA Strategic Office Support) is very excited to announce its nomination for an Entreverge Award!

If you’re not from Maine, then you may not be familiar with this award or the event. It’s a celebration and recognition of ‘entrepreneurs on the verge’.

PROPEL Portland’s website explains this award:

Entreverge Portland Maine “Since 2009, PROPEL has produced entreverge, our signature event to recognize the local entrepreneurs whose businesses exhibit a scalable vision for the future and a long term commitment to the people, place and prosperity of Maine.”

Being recognized by the community we set out to help and support represents a major milestone for our business!

We have been active participants in the local Maine business community since 2009, helping small business owners as both clients and partners, and actively supporting and promoting events such as Entreverge. It is truly an honor to be nominated!

A little about why we were nominated:

By actively seeking new team members, business partners, and sub-contractors, we can expand our expertise and the services we offer, thereby improving the results for our clients. Our team is made up solely of US-based business professionals. Today over 75% of our team is located in Maine. We also maintain a calendar of Maine business networking and training events on our website.

This past year we have grown to a point where we are partnering with other virtual marketing professionals on about 50% of our business, essentially improving profits and results for our partners and our clients.

We see the flexibility to work from anywhere, doing what you love, and being appreciated, as an empowering way of life. We have created the ability and the platform to put skilled professionals to work, and we’re doing it! We have over 12 people throughout the state Maine working with us on a variety of projects. And, the lack of commute makes this industry environmentally friendly as well.

We really believe in this industry as a way to a more rewarding life, especially for those who need or want to work from home – or the beach! And we see the opportunities for us – and our team members -as ‘virtually’ endless.

What we hope to achieve by winning:

While it’s always helpful to receive exposure and press while growing a business, nominations and awards really help take things to the next level.

This award in particular could help us in many ways. The prize pack for winning an Entreverge award includes a variety of consulting and business services, such as legal, financial, marketing, and advertising. Winners also receive a variety of publicity such as advertising and speaking opportunities that help to increase awareness around their brand and mission.

Winning an Entreverge award this year would help move us into the next phase of growth. This award would undoubtedly help to increase our client base and exposure, while also bringing awareness to those who might be interested in joining our team. This would allow us to improve and expand the training and mentoring component of our business model, currently offered through www.marketecs.com.

We are very excited to see where this opportunity leads and will continue to keep you updated with results and progress.

Stay tuned for news of the finalists, to be announced at the awards night on June 12th, 2014. And if you’re a ‘Mainah’, we hope to see you there!

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