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Work Smarter: What You Can Do to Increase Productivity

Let’s face it… like most business owners, saying that you’re “busy” is an understatement. And all the endless details of running your business are not helping…

You may have been told that one system or another is “the best” – but if it’s not working for you (or you don’t know how to use it) – it could be costing your business BIG in terms of lost time and money.

Spring is here – and what a great time it is to evaluate your business systems and tools to determine what is and isn’t working. This will help you pave the way for new productivity strategies that will help your business thrive and grow.

Don’t Just Delegate…Automate!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein

You’ve probably heard that delegation is one of the best ways to free up your time so you can focus on more important initiatives. Delegation is a great tool, but automation… that might just be even better!

Achieving more automation in your business can help you reduce repetition, thereby increasing productivity. Generally, we see redundancy in areas such as marketing, finances, sales, and customer service.

The good news is that each of these areas can be optimized to reduce or eliminate repetition. If something isn’t working, don’t keep doing it over and over again, hoping for different results. Change it!

How to Easily Increase Your Productivity

Increasing your productivity means you can finally put your focus on what is most important – growing your business (and having a little freedom and fun in the process!).

Here are three fast tips to get you started:

  1. Keep a log of your daily activities for 1-2 weeks. You can use an app or just good, old-fashioned pen and paper. This is going to show you how you’re spending your time so you can begin to prioritize your tasks by organizing them in order of importance.
  1. Determine what tasks you can delegate, automate, or even eliminate altogether. One of the best suggestions is to start small by chiseling away at small tasks first. You’ll then feel accomplished and inspired to work on the bigger tasks.
  1. Go for it! Use all the info you’ve gained in the tips above to evaluate your current business systems. What’s working? What needs attention? Get clear on what needs improvement, then go for it – do your homework, ask others for their advice, and try out a new tool or two to see how it works.

There are countless tools out there to help you boost productivity – the trick is to find the ones that are the best fit your business. We’ve weighed in on our 24 favorite productivity tools right here. Looking for an app to maximize your business productivity? Look no further than this great list.

Productivity tip: If you don’t already, consider using an online task list – this will give you the flexibility to set and change due dates and incorporate your priorities as you see fit.

If finding the right tools has been a challenge for you (or if the thought of trying to figure out which ones actually make sense for your business makes your head spin), we’d love to help! Our experts will personally review your current operating processes and then help you implement the most efficient, time- and cost-saving solutions uniquely tailored to your needs.

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