Practical Productivity: Dominate Your Task Lists

Becoming an effective task master is an essential part of improving your productivity. Task lists are an essential part of being organized, but they themselves must be organized in order to be the useful tool they are intended to be.

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.
– Steve Maraboli

Here are three keys to eliminating your task list;

  1. Prioritize – organize your tasks in order of importance and be sure to give higher priority to those that get you closer to your goals. Determine which tasks must be done today, which by week and month’s end, and put them in a list by importance. A-level tasks have the highest consequence if not done in a timely manner versus D-level tasks that can quite possibly be delegated out to your team. D is for delegate!
  2. Start small eliminate smaller tasks first! Completing smaller tasks first gives you a sense of accomplishment and allows you to move on to more important tasks at hand.
  3. Save the best for last – start with the least desirable tasks, and get them out of the way. Although these tasks may seem mundane, if you leave them for last, chances are they will still be on your list tomorrow.

In order to dominate your task list, you first have to have a task list!

We recommend using an online task list because of the flexibility to set and change due dates, incorporate priorities, and share your tasks easily.

Here are just a few options for online task lists;

Astrid – A list manager that can help keep lists in order, you can add and share tasks, and it will even compliment you when you’ve reached your goal!

Todolist – A great tool for simple, yet effective management and sharing. This straight-to-the-point option fulfills the job in its minimalist platform.

Toodledo – It allows users to categorize tasks by level of importance, edit already existing tasks, and create a customized list to keep track of pressing concerns.

TeamWorkPM – Our best recommendation is an online project management system. This incorporates task lists as well as many other useful features, such as time tracking, file sharing, and comments (just to name a few).

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