The Power of Bloggers; How Businesses Can Utilize Bloggers

The power of blogging cannot be ignored!

In a recent post, we shared the importance of blogging in marketing. And why, as a business owner, you should be seeking opportunities to partner with bloggers. Now, we want to help you create those partnerships.

Blogging | Bloggers | Blog Influence HOW Do You Access the Power of Bloggers?

Just ask, it’s that simple. Find bloggers that are influential in your niche and sent them a pitch. If you are looking to break into the Mom blogger category, you can find blog listings such as Top Mommy Bloggers, and Mommy Hot Spot, and other blogging communities. If you’re looking for the business and marketing community, you might see who’s contributing to Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Inc, Forbes, and other reputable sites that you yourself frequent.

In a recent survey conducted by the Digital Impact Conference, it was revealed that 93% of female bloggers are highly interested in monetizing their blogs via brands, but about 60% have never been offered the opportunity. Maybe it’s time to give them an opportunity.

What should you include in your pitch?

  1. You have to meet the needs and interests of their audience. Any good blogger will only consider writing about something that is a great fit for their audience. They’ve taken a great deal of time to build their audience, and will not betray them by writing about junk. It’s this authenticity that makes their opinions so valuable. So you have to start by clearly explaining how your product or service is a good fit.
  2. You have to be clear about what you are asking for. Are you looking for a product review or informational piece? Are you looking for them to write something or are you looking to guest post on their site?
  3. You should include some mention of compensation. Why should this person take their time and/or use their influence to help promote you or your product? Are you providing samples or payment to the blogger? Another option that can be in lieu of or accompany direct compensation is a special offer for their audience. Again, their audience is one of the most important things to a blogger, it’s what makes them valuable, so offering a special discount code or giveaway can be of great value to everyone.

There is a very big world of “influencers” blogging away every day about products they love that everyone they know should buy. Is it time for you to join that marketing platform?

Please feel free to comment with any questions or tips that you may have when communicating with bloggers and top online influencers.

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