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Dr. Kathy Obear came to us with a course that had already obtained a successful beta launch using an email delivery process. We helped to transform this course into an online platform using PaidMembershipsPro.

In addition to changing the format and delivery of the course material, we also assisted with giving the course itself a bit of a ‘facelift’. This was not an entire branding process, but rather working with her current brand and scheme to create something more visually appealing for her landing page as well as her course.

Old Sales Page

We did create 2 versions fo this new landing page, one with a ‘purchase’ button for those that were ready to buy the course, and another with a ‘learn more’ button that directed prospects through a discovery/strategy session. This is all part of the sales funnel process that we assisted with as well. Having 2 versions of the sales page allows Kathy to easily direct qualified people right where they need to be as she’s bringing in traffic or having conversations.

In creating this landing page, we worked with Kathy on everything from the layout to the copy, graphics, and technical process of what happens when a prospect takes action.

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