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We supported an amazing initiative, One More Woman, launch their first membership community. Like most start-ups, their ideas and visions are grand but they have to maintain a healthy level of concern for the budget.

The initial layout concept, although beautiful, would have cost a small fortune in custom coding and maintenance as they continue to develop and hone this community and all of its facets.

So, we found a way to maintain the look and feel that the client was looking for while still maintaining the flexibility needed in the early stages of membership community development.

Inside the reception area

Inside the One More Woman Membership Reception Area

We chose a combination of WordPress, Infusionsoft, and iMember360 for this particular project. While these may not be the least expensive solutions, they met the longer-term goals of the client in the most cost effective way. In addition to these core programs, we also incorporated several additional plugins to achieve some of the added functionality of custom sign-ons, custom menus, forums, member directory, and additional personalization.

We also built out each of the community ‘rooms’ while consulting on best scaleable practices for the organization and access to content. We have integrated a shared calendar, live call access, a resources database, and automated intake forms for everything form the participation agreement to monthly feedback and assessment forms.

we are happy to say that this membership community is thriving and continuing to evolve.

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