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Blogging for Business; Why Blog?

This will be the first in a short series of posts on blogging for small businesses. Over the next few weeks, we will address blog set-up, frequently asked questions, and best practices.

Let’s start by answering the question, “What is a BLOG?” It’s really just a space, online, where you can share content in the form of articles, known as blog posts. These articles can be informational, entertaining, or can have a specific purpose. It’s your platform to do with as you wish.

Of course, it’s all the flexibility that leaves some business owners wondering where and how to start.

Many business owners have heard that blogging can help improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and increase traffic to their website; but is it true? How and why does it work?

Why Blog?

  1. Expert positioning – First and foremost, as a business owner, blogging is an outlet to share your expertise and build credibility. You can show visitors to your site how much you know, and gain their trust by providing valuable information on specific topics of interest.
  2. Sharing Knowledge | Blog Knowledge bank – Your blog is your personal knowledge bank, where you can direct current or potential clients to articles that may answer their question, or resolve their problem.
  3. SEO – A blog consistently provides updated content to your website and the ability to incorporate keywords. Search engines look for frequent updates, so a blog can help improve your SEO and search engine page rank.
  4. Content – Your blog posts provide valuable information to share across social networks, and keep people interested in returning to your site; helping you remain consistently at the forefront of their minds.
  5. Engagement – A blog encourages visitor engagement. Interaction builds relationships; relationships are memorable, improve likability, and build trust in you and your brand.

So, yes blogging is beneficial to business owners in many ways, especially if you understand what your audience is looking for.

Next week we will discuss important parts and pieces to include when setting up a blog, including categories, tags, and titles… so check back for more suggestions on blogging.

In the meantime, do you have any blogging questions or advice to share?


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