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Top 3 LMS Plugins for WordPress Courses

Your business needs to deliver an online course with separate modules and allow for progress tracking and a certificate of completion – a Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin is definitely right for you. Or perhaps you want students to turn in weekly ‘homework’ assignments, earn points or badges as they advance through your course, or take integrated quizzes to demonstrate learning objectives. No matter the reason, if you’ve decided a LMS plugin is the way to go, now you need to decide which of the many options to use. We’ve looked at many options, and narrowed it down to three budget-friendly, feature-heavy choices.

WP Courseware

COST: $99 for a two-site license

This plugin boasts unlimited courses, modules, lessons, quizzes, surveys, and students, as well as an easy drag-and-drop format. In addition to these features, WP Courseware will drip feed content, allow for progress tracking, certificates of completion, progress widgets, and offers media embedding. Over 9,800 websites use this plugin, doubtless for its long list of features, ease of use, and low cost.

LifterLMS Pro

COST: $99/year with support team, live tech sessions, and exclusive Pro-only offers

Course building, quizzing, student analytics, grading, and no need for third-party payment extensions are some of the standout features of this plugin. LifterLMS Pro allows you to issue progress badges, as well as send action emails directly to students. Another feature of this plugin is a student portal so no one but you can access the WordPress back end. Creation and management of membership levels eliminate the need for a separate platform.

LearnDash LMS

COST: $129/year with support and updates, 50% discount on subsequent years if purchased before expiration

Another plugin with many features – multi-tier courses, drip-feed content, shopping-cart, one-time price, and membership options for your courses… LearnDash claims to be the most feature-rich of the WordPress plugins, which helps justify its slightly higher cost. Front-end student portals, certificates and points, advanced quizzing, as well as an expiration setting for courses round out some of the stand-out features.

At a glance, these plugins can all seem quite similar. Our team can help you decide which will fit your needs the best – call or email us today to get your online course launched with a team of support.

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