Strategic Launch Sequence

The beginning of a New Year marks a time when everyone is goal orientated. This can involve getting organized, re-evaluating product or service development, and launching new products and/or services.

Launching new products, services, and events is exciting, but you should be strategic about it.

Organizing your launch or release via strategic promotional efforts includes:

  1. Release – determine your release date, then work backwards to establish your promotional start date
  2. Content – know all the details of your product or service in order to create valuable promotional content
  3. Audience – defining and understanding your target market will help to improve promotional results
  4. Plan – be strategic in your promotional efforts by creating a plan and calendar that outline your activities and efforts
  5. Record – take good notes on your activities and the outcomes in order to improve the success of your next launch

Promotional avenues can include blogs, social media, e-newsletters, print newsletters, press releases, posters and flyers, radio interviews, TV interviews, a web page or splash page, a release party, affiliate marketing, and good old fashion word of mouth and networking.

Timing these activities can be crucial, especially if you want to offer special discounts for early subscribers or pair it with any other programs.

Consider a minimum of 6 weeks when planning a launch sequence for any new product or service. Ideally, you would have 8 to 12 weeks for promotion and marketing.

An example of an 8 week schedule for an email campaign or launch is as follows:

Email sequence for a product launch

Of course much of your strategy and the promotional avenues you choose in your launch sequence come from knowing your customers and ideal client profile.

Proper planning yields proper, successful results.

Do you have examples of successful promotional activities, or stories of launches that have not gone as planned?


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