Power of the Press

Do you capitalize on the power of the press? Do you look for opportunities to be featured or quoted as an expert in your field? If not, you should!

Being featured in a newspaper or magazine article, blog, radio interview, or TV segment is a great way to reach a new audience and gain new clients, drive traffic to your website or blog, and position yourself as an expert; plus (with the exception of time) it’s free!

While it might sound like a difficult or intimidating idea, it’s really not. The media needs new content every day, so it’s just a matter of positioning yourself and your topic in a way that is relevant and useful.

Here are some ways to find PR opportunities:

  • Help A Reporter Out – sign up to receive e-mails from helpareporter.com where they have lists of topics to choose from (or… to speak about) and reporters who need content. This is a GREAT resource!
  • Submit Press Releases – when you have an announcement, consider writing a press release. Send it to local papers as well as online sources. See the additional tools below.
  • Ask for Interviews – contact your local newspapers, TV, and radio stations about possible interview opportunities or special interest segments.
  • Offer to Speak – offer to speak to special interest groups, at Chamber events, and at networking events. This can often lead to additional speaking engagements and interview opportunities.

To further help you out, here are some Press Release sites and tools:

Positive publicity is helpful for any business in terms of brand building and marketing efforts. However, it can be especially useful for businesses with a limited amount of time or experience blogging and interacting on social media. PR can play a big role in helping promote your company beyond your own reach much faster than you can manage organically.

Do you have any recent stories about publicity you have received? Or perhaps you have tips you would like to share about securing a high profile interview?



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