social media time management

Don’t Waste Time on Social Media

Social Media Time Management

By now, we’re all aware of how important social media is, and most of us agree that we should be using it in some way. After all, it’s FREE marketing and public relations, brand recognition, tribe building, and networking, right??
Well, almost… if time is money, then it certainly has a cost…

What are some of the ways to reduce the amount of time, money, and effort spent on social media?

  1. Spend less time.
  2. Become more efficient.
  3. Outsource.

Spend less time.

Yes, this sounds obvious and very simplified, but it’s true. For those that are already well versed and actively using social media, it may be a simple matter of limiting the amount of time spent per day/week. A great way to achieve this is to set a timer, or only allow yourself to access social media sites on certain days of the week or specific time of day. For business owners that are just jumping on the band wagon, it’s smart to start slow by choosing 1-2 platforms to focus on.

Become more efficient.

Work smarter, not harder. This is my favorite answer.
There are many platforms available that allow you to integrate multiple social media sites. Platforms such as HootSuite, allow you to view and update multiple social media sites at the same time. And many programs will integrate with your social media accounts, making updates more automated. This and many other tools would obviously save you time.

Here are some great websites to help you learn more about using and improving social media efficiency;

The Social Media Guide
Business Week


This is not the answer for everyone, but if you’re not well versed in current media trends and technology (or you just don’t want to be), you can hire someone who is. This does require trust and communication by both parties, but when done correctly it has some great benefits.

Feel free to share some ways that you are currently saving time with Social Media? Or if you are having trouble with Social Media, feel free to post a question.

And for those still not convinced to use Social Media, may I recommend a video from David Meerman Scott at the 2009 Business Marketing Association National Conference.

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