5 Best Features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows professionals to connect and interact on a professional level. Here are 5 features that make LinkedIn a valuable asset.

App of the Month – Drop Box

Drop Box is a file management tool, great for collaboration and productivity! A perfect match for virtual professionals!

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Resume Formatting Tips

In addition to the actual content of your resume, consider formatting for readability and personality! We have 5 great tips and examples to help you out.

Excel Formula Basics

Formulas can really improve the usefulness of your spreadsheets. Here are some basics to get you started in understanding how to use Microsoft Excel formulas.

Mail Merge 101 – Easy!

A mail merge allows you to create a letter for 500 as easily (or easier) than you could create it for 5

5 Characteristics of GREAT Clients!

When providing services to fellow small business owners, there are good clients and there are GREAT clients! What makes our clients GREAT?