3 Ways to Avoid a Slow Summer!

For anyone not in the tourism industry, you may be experiencing a bit of a summer slow down… With the weather getting warmer and school wrapping up, we are reminded of how business seems to slow down in the summer.

For those of us that support other small businesses, it seems like productivity can take a back seat. Either because they’re too busy to communicate or because they are so slow they went on vacation, many businesses are affected by this change of season.

The e-mails slow down, the phone calls aren’t returned as promptly, and networking may seem to fall flat. We are all aware that September brings a wave of productivity, but what can we do to keep business going and communication flowing in the summer months?

  1. Focus on Organization – Complete the projects that you haven’t been able to complete during your busy time, or that you’ve been avoiding. Finish that new website, get those new business cards designed, organize your electronic filing, etc…
  2. Focus on Education – Take a training class or get a new certification that will help you grow your business. Summer classes are usually shorter in duration and smaller in size, so they can feel more tolerable and allow you more personal attention.
  3. Focus on Follow-up – Reach out to existing and potential clients, so that when they become motivated (again), they know/remember who to call.

Good luck this summer, and remember to enjoy what you do!

For more tips on productivity and organization please feel free to contact us at Strategic Office Support!

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