3 Tools for Your Virtual Image!

Dress for Success in a Virtual World

The corporate world is no stranger to phrases such as “Dress for Success” or “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. So, what happens when corporate goes consultant? What happens when the Internet becomes our primary interaction or at least our 1st impression? Do we toss these mantras out like last night’s pizza box? I say, “We adapt.”

In a virtual world, we are not judged on our physical attire, but rather our virtual one… does your virtual wardrobe consist of the following?

  1. Website – listed 1st for a reason, this is imperative to almost any business these days and the quality of various websites varies greatly!
  2. Blog or Vlog – a weblog or video log is an increasingly popular way to improve credibility and be heard. If you don’t have your own, consider posting comments on other professional sites.
  3. Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, etc…) – a virtual networking source, a way to share ideas and ‘meet’ others.

If you already have these virtual necessities, how successful are they for you? If not, what’s holding you back?

I hope this was helpful and look forward to hearing from you! Stay tuned for more thoughts on virtual image!

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