2013 Goals Exposed – annual update

Last January, we decided to make our annual goals public. Now it’s time to review and analyze how we did in 2013 and set new goals for 2014.

Our two primary goals for 2013 were:

  1. Rebranding – we are transitioning from Office Solutions ME to Strategic Office Support, offering Virtual Business Management needed to build, manage, and maintain all of your business ideas. This creates all sorts of goals and opportunities for change. We will share more about this very soon! DONE! This was a huge undertaking, but we accomplished this in the first quarter!
  2. Partnering – we are excited to have initiated many great partner relationships in 2012, including web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, bookkeepers, marketing and social media consultants, and other virtual assistants. In 2013, we want to take this to the next level! This will always be a work in progress. We added several new subcontractors in 2013, and will continue to look for great partners in order to expand our services. Take a look at our team for details.
    • We want to keep our partners and sub-contractors BUSY, allowing us to attract and assist more clients. Our goal would be to utilize our partners and sub-contractors on at least 50% of our 2013 contracts. We almost made this goal, averaging a 40% sub-contracting rate by year end.

Secondary goals include:

  • Redesigned client intake processWe successfully incorporated a new project management system in order to maintain a single process and streamline communications between clients and team members. We also created instructional material and drafted intake procedures to ensure that operations are kept organized.
  • Attend Be the Change April 2013 in Orlando Floridadue to a few changes this did not end up happening, but we look forward to the opportunity in future years.
  • Increased media exposure – radio, TV, local events, and social mediaHave you seen our feature in Yahoo!? 🙂 We have been quoted in over 12 other articles and online publications. Plus, we have increased our blog publications to weekly. Of course this doesn’t mean that we’re done here, just that we successfully improved and plan to continue.
  • Product development – trainings, reports, and guides for entrepreneurs – This took a bit of a back seat, and will be on the list for 2014
  • Launch BecomeAVA.com – resources, training, and coaching for aspiring Virtual Assistants – Done! While this will always be a work in progress, we executed our 1st mastermind group back in August, it was a big success and a great group of professionals! So, we are getting ready to start the next round on January 21st.

So, there you have it, an honest update of our goals and accomplishments during 2013. Now, on to 2014… stay tuned!

Please feel free to share your accomplishments and reflections, we would love to hear from you!

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