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Telesummits, if you’re not familiar, are online seminars with a variety of speakers typically scheduled over a few days. The general goal of a telesummit is exposure and list building. It’s rare that a telesummit turns a profit, especially if it’s your first event.

We have supported and managed several telesummits over the last few years. Some only have a few speakers, others have had up to 45. Some are pre-recorded and others are live. Some are just a couple of days, and others last for weeks.

This particular telesummit was a 3-day event with 12 speakers, which is a great number both in terms of promotion and manageability. (We typically don’t recommend over 20 speakers or more than 7 days.) We automatized the speaker process as well as the sponsor process with online submission forms and contracts via JotForm. (Adding sponsors greatly increases the likelihood of a break-even or profitable event)

For this event, we built an entirely new website using WordPress and Optimize Press in order to not interfere with the clients’ regular website. These interviews were pre-recorded, edited, and then played using InstantTeleseminar’s autopilot features. And we integrated with Infusionsoft for payment processing and email notifications.

Launching a telesummit also involves a good amount of copywriting and coordination. We not only provided our client with email copy, images, blog posts, and social media posts, we also provided each speaker and sponsor with the needed material to help promote the event as agreed. Then, we managed and maintained a schedule of promotions both for our client and all for the speakers. Since the goal of a telesummit is exposure and list building, this management component is essential to getting the most out of the investment.

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