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Barbara came to us with a successful corporate consulting business. She is a great example of someone didn’t need to re-create her brand or make any major changes, but she did want to ‘liven up’ her website and make it easier to navigate.

First, we moved her from an old HTML site into WordPress. We kept most of her original site content, but reorganized it, creating a site that was easier to navigate and understand. We retained her existing logo and primary colors, while adding in an accent color and font that helped to ‘modernize’ the brand.

Another addition to Barbara’s site was a blog. Since she had a few years worth of newsletter content as well as video interviews, we had plenty of content to pull from. So, over the next several months, we created a slow drip of past newsletters and interviews that we converted and repurposed into blog posts.

We still support Barabara today with maintaining this site and her marketing efforts for this company as well as her other brand,

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