Tips for Growing Your Email List

With spring in the air in New England, I thought it was a great time to discuss growth – email list growth. Clients often ask how they can grow their email list. Typically they are referring to their e-newsletter mailing list, which is a very valuable marketing tool.

When I get these inquiries, I usually ask questions about who they are targeting, what type of content they are providing, and what methods they have been using. Every industry can be different in response to marketing tactics, but there are a few ‘stand bys’ when it comes to list growth.

Here are four steadfast ways to grow your email list:

  1. Freebie – if you want people to sign up for your list on your website, you generally have to give them a reason to do so. Offering something of value in exchange for their information is a great investment. This ‘freebie’ could be an audio, report, short e-book, etc… but it should be enticing and certainly worth it for your reader.
  2. Host an event – any time you host an event (live or virtual) you should be collecting information from your attendees in order to follow-up with them later. This includes adding them to your list, just be sure to tell them you are doing so.
  3. Giveaway – consider hosting a contest or giveaway for new subscribers. This can work well as a social media promotion or on display at a tradeshow. However, this method will have the most cost associated with it, and may give the least valuable subscribers.
  4. Ask – when you are out at networking events or find yourself ‘talking shop’ simply ask the person for a business card; then ask if you may add them to your mailing list. It might also help to communicate what type of content you share in your mailings, and what they will gain by subscribing.

Your ‘freebie’ should be your steady pace setter, consistently adding new subscribers via your website; and it should be something you’re proud to offer. While hosting events or giveaways are like adrenaline shots to your list, providing quick bursts of growth; all these methods are useful and should be used together, not independently.

Email List Growth | Mailing List Growth Want some more tips? Here are some other great articles on growing your mailing list:

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Of course, once you have people subscribed to your list it’s important to keep them by providing valuable content on a consistent basis.

Do you have examples of creative ways you have grown your mailing list?


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