Getting Started

Getting Started with Marketecs

You’ve made the decision to get help, now what?
Here’s a step by step outline of our process.

step 1

Schedule a consultation.

Schedule your consultation and review the ways we can help you.

In your message, please include details about the services you are interested in. This will help us prepare for the conversation.

step 2

Meet with Kathrine!

This is generally a 30 minute consultation, where Kathrine answers any of your questions and provides guidance regarding the services we offer, our process, and our pricing. It is very helpful if you have reviewed our FAQs prior to this meeting.

step 3

Agree to terms.

After your consultation, you will receive an email outlining the project or scope of work and a contract based on your consultation.

This contract is the legal agreement between you and Marketecs; it details terms, payment, confidentiality, and expectations of both parties.

step 4

Meet your team.

Once you have agreed to the terms, it’s time to meet your project manager and your team.

At this point, you will be granted access to our online project management system. Based on your needs, a team designed to support your particular needs will be ready to support you.

step 5

Accomplish Goals!

Simply start sending work to your new team of virtual marketing and operations support professionals. You will find you are now more productive, more effective, and less stressed.