Women’s Business Bistro

Recently I have been involved with a project called the Women’s Business Bistro, based out of Portland Maine. This project was started by Candace Hawkins, and has come to fruition with the help of Deb Strout and Jill Deering, from Freeze Frame Photography.

The focus of the Women’s Business Bistro is to help support and showcase Maine women and their businesses giving them a platform to share their ideas and their expertise with one another. The first stage of this project is already underway, comprising of short video interviews, about 3 to 5 minutes long showcasing different women and their businesses. Each business owner describes what they do, why they do it, and what advice they have to share.

Through this project, they hope to interview and help promote up to 100 different Maine women. There will be a YouTube channel, a website, and a blog for starters. Then they hope to develop this into training material, webinars, networking opportunities, and speaking events that all help promote and develop women owned businesses and entrepreneurship in women.

Thursday evening Candace and Deb hosted a networking event, where they brought the participants together for an initial screening of the interviews that have been completed so far. This was a great opportunity to meet the other participants, see the interviews, and hear about the progress and direction that this project is taking. I was very impressed by all of the interviews, my own included, and look forward to seeing more from this project.

If you have questions about the Women’s Business Bistro or would like to get involved, contact Candace Hawkins at candacehawkins54@hotmail.com.

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