We are a team of skilled digital marketing, branding, writing, technology, operations, and project support professionals, working together to make the lives of entrepreneurs better by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and operations through the use of leading technology and years of experience.
Marketing architects and technicians who specialize in techniques and technology. MARKETECS.

Project Managers

Our project managers are our leaders, charging the way and ensuring projects are coordinated efficiently and completed on time. They are truly versatile, talented individuals with a great team spirit.

Marketing Architects

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca is seasoned in the lost art of customer service. She is also skilled in a variety of software, email marketing, human resources, and more… Plus, she holds a Customer Acquisition Certification from Digital Marketer.

  • Robin

    Robin is a virtual veteran, project manager & marketing architect with a passion for program and product launch management. Plus, Robin holds certifications in Customer Aquisition and Customer Value Optimization from Digital Marketer.


Kathrine Farris, the CEO/Founder of Marketecs, is a highly organized automator, consultant, strategist & business/project manager. Plus, she is certified as an optimization and testing specialist by Digital Marketer.

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Design is a key element to any brand and marketing effort. Our web and graphic designers are key factors to the success of our work and client satisfaction.

Brand Architects

  • Andrea

    Andrea is a web designer, graphic designer, and marketing architect

  • Rachel

    Rachel is graphic designer with a print design background.

  • Leah

    Leah is a graphic designer and branding specialist with a special eye and focus on women entrepreneurs.

  • Dennis

    Dennis is a web designer and web developer fluent in multiple coding languages.


A skillful copywriter makes the work of any entrepreneur stand out as they stand up and get noticed. Our writers are diligent as well as crafty in their art and skill.


  • Lisa

    Lisa specializes in writing blogs posts, email campaigns, web pages, sales pages, and press releases. Plus, she holds an Email Marketing Specialist certification from Digital Marketer.

  • Rachel

    Rachel is a talented writer with a variety of experience, including research, training material, sales copy, web copy, blogging, email campaigns, and more. Plus, she holds Search Marketing and Ecommerce Marketing Specialist certifications from Digital Marketer.


Knowledgeable business, operational, and technical support are essential to successfully executing any plan. Without good support to execute, even a perfect plan will just collect dust…


  • Tamson

    Tamson specializes in Social Media Management. And as such, she is holds the Social Media and Community Manager certification from Digital Marketer.

  • Julie

    Julie is our Shopping Cart Specialist & Marketing Technician with video and audio editing skills.

  • Hope

    Hope is a marketing student and guardswoman building all the right skills and experience in digital marketing and project management.

  • Melanie

    Melanie excels in Proofreading, Video Editing & Blog/Newsletter Posting. She also holds the Social Media certification through Digital Marketer.


Specialist are experts in their specific fields. We turn to our specialists for added intelligence and support in thier areas of focus.

Specialty skills

  • Erik

    Erik – Infusionsoft Specialist

  • Jason

    Jason – Infusionsoft Specialist

  • Kristy

    Kristy – Bookkeeping Specialist

  • Emily

    Emily – Facebook Advertising Specialist