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Sharknado: Self-Publishing in Just 2 Weeks

We like challenges! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? But our last publishing project almost failed. We pulled it off, but there were some moments of pure panic. If you want to test your stress tolerance, try self-publishing a book in print and e-book format in a two week time frame. All in-house. Cover design, interior book design, conversions to all …

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Entreverge Award Nomination

Marketecs (FKA Strategic Office Support) is very excited to announce its nomination for an Entreverge Award! If you’re not from Maine, then you may not be familiar with this award or the event. It’s a celebration and recognition of ‘entrepreneurs on the verge’. PROPEL Portland’s website explains this award: “Since 2009, PROPEL has produced entreverge, our signature event to recognize …

5 Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistant

The concept of Virtual Assisting is very new to the state of Maine, but it is an idea that could be extremely beneficial to the business community. And partnering with the right VA is essential!

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Resume Formatting Tips

In addition to the actual content of your resume, consider formatting for readability and personality! We have 5 great tips and examples to help you out.

Excel Formula Basics

Formulas can really improve the usefulness of your spreadsheets. Here are some basics to get you started in understanding how to use Microsoft Excel formulas.

Mail Merge 101 – Easy!

A mail merge allows you to create a letter for 500 as easily (or easier) than you could create it for 5

5 Characteristics of GREAT Clients!

When providing services to fellow small business owners, there are good clients and there are GREAT clients! What makes our clients GREAT?

5 Ways to Network like a Pro!

Networking is essential for the small business owner and entrepreneur, especially in the start-up or growth phases. Networking allows you to meet other like-minded people, learn about local business and events, and hopefully find your next great client(s)!