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Don’t Let This Happen to You. Backup Your Website Today

Help! My website disappeared. What happened? That was the call we received recently from a long-time client. Her website had vanished and understandably, she wanted an explanation. Don’t Cancel Your Hosting Contract Without a Website Backup The answer was simple: when her hosting company sent the usual renewal reminder, she didn’t realize that hosting was a must-have of owning a …

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When Opportunity Doesn’t Knock

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to be successful was to just exist? Just sit back and say yes, or no, to prospects that come your way? The reality is, very few times in life does an opportunity just fall in your lap. You need to hustle and hustle hard (at least in the beginning). We …

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Work Smarter: What You Can Do to Increase Productivity

Let’s face it… like most business owners, saying that you’re “busy” is an understatement. And all the endless details of running your business are not helping… You may have been told that one system or another is “the best” – but if it’s not working for you (or you don’t know how to use it) – it could be costing …

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Sharknado: Self-Publishing in Just 2 Weeks

We like challenges! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? But our last publishing project almost failed. We pulled it off, but there were some moments of pure panic. If you want to test your stress tolerance, try self-publishing a book in print and e-book format in a two week time frame. All in-house. Cover design, interior book design, conversions to all …

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Entreverge Award Nomination

Marketecs (FKA Strategic Office Support) is very excited to announce its nomination for an Entreverge Award! If you’re not from Maine, then you may not be familiar with this award or the event. It’s a celebration and recognition of ‘entrepreneurs on the verge’. PROPEL Portland’s website explains this award: “Since 2009, PROPEL has produced entreverge, our signature event to recognize …

Setting Prices – Simple Math

Running a real, sustainable business involves a lot of thought, planning, and expenses. But with some simple math you can ensure success!

Business Owners’ Gift Guide

Some action items and gift ideas all lined up to help you out, because if you haven’t planned your gift giving for this holiday season, then you’re running out of time…

10 Trade Show Prep Tips

Trade Shows are an amazing way to market, network, and sell your products and services. Read these 10 tips to make sure you prepare for success before your next trade show event.