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Content Machine: 13 Content Creation Ideas

As we established in our last post, reusing your material, especially features that proved successful, is not only savvy, it’s vital! We covered the many ways to recycle your blogs but what about all that other good stuff you created? No problem! We have several ideas to share that are sure to get you dusting off and repurposing those classics …

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Repurpose; Reusing Article and Blog Content (Part 1)

This month, we are going to cover ways to reuse and repurpose your great blog content.

There are so many ways to repurpose your blogs and articles, that we are dividing this topic into two posts. Today we are focusing on using your blog posts specifically to create and inspire newsletter content.

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Ebook Creation & Design

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This ebook is an older project, completed in 2013 for a group of life and business coaches that wanted to collaborate on a lead gerator that they could use as an opt-in incentive. This project started with the organization and compilation of content from eight different authors and a variety of topics. After collecting the content, we edited and formatted …

Management Consultant Support

Services and Support for Management Consultants As a management consultant, you have a lot of responsibility to devote your time to your clients. Learning their business and their industry, getting to know each personal style, discovering their needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses, determining the best way to motivate and encourage while still stretching them outside their comfort zone. This should …

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90-Day Business Plan That Keeps on Giving!

Our 1st quarter 90-Day Planning group had so much positive feedback and success that we promised we would do another round. We had several people who were interested in participating, but were just too busy with tax season and the end of the fiscal year. We get it! Then, let’s be honest, it was summer… kids were headed back to …

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Your 90-Day Business Plan – In Action!

It’s the end of the 1st quarter and Spring is in the air… Spring is a time of growth and rebirth. A fresh start, a clean slate. It’s a time to look forward to what is ahead. But how do you get to where it is you want to be getting to? The answer is simple – you need a …

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Is The Honeymoon Over?

Here is a question that often goes unasked: How is your business relationship going? You are probably thinking – my business relationship? Yep. Probably the connection that you reflect on the least; definitely the one that you engage in the most. So how do you even begin to evaluate it? Are you feeling burnt out? Do you still proclaim that …

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Maintaining a Membership Program that Engages

Congratulations! You now have a well-established membership site. So how will you protect it and make sure it will continue to flourish? What does it take to build momentum and have your program “level-up”? It is no secret that attention spans are at an all-time low. A recent study states that humans now have an average attention span of 8 …

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Case Study; the Power of Blogging

We have discussed the importance of blogging for business several times; now, we would like to share our actual results. Background We established our first website back in 2009. We had the standard components and utilized many of the basic ‘SEO best practices’; however, we were very inconsistent and minimalistic when it came to blogging. Like most small businesses, we …

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Practical Productivity: Work Smarter

Throughout this productivity series, we have mentioned many tools for improving your productivity. In an effort to help you find these tools quickly (essentially improving your productivity), we have put them all on this one list. Productivity tools to help you work smarter; Boomerang allows you to pre-schedule emails, can be setup to hide emails until you need them, and …