Autoresponders; Implementing and Utilizing Automated Messages

Autoresponders are designed to automate your email processes. These automated emails are useful in a variety of ways, providing timely and professional communications without causing repetitive work on your part.

Autoresponders can be very valuable in simplifying and systematizing your marketing process.

Examples of commonly used autoresponders include:

  • Thank You – a thank you message for subscribing or purchasing, sent immediately after action is taken, is the most common autoresponder and a good first impression you might be making.
  • Free Gifts – if you are giving away a free gift to subscribers, then an autoresponder is a great way to deliver it in a timely, professional manner.
  • Programs – if you are providing any form of programs or trainings, autoresponders provide an automated way to deliver the material over a period of time and to a large audience.
  • Invitations – if you are holding an event or presenting material, automating the invitation process can include providing an invitation, as well as a, recording of the event after the fact.
  • Purchases – many programs integrate seamlessly with your payment processing system to facilitate an automated purchase receipt and delivery of the material in a timely, professional manner.

Many autoresponders are initiated through the use of forms that are completed by your customers. For example, these forms may be integrated into your website via a shopping cart or newsletter subscription box.

Some more advance programs even allow you to customize additional responses, and follow-up or sequences based on a person’s actions.
For Example, if you send a message with a link inviting your audience to attend a training or workshop, some programs will automatically send follow-up messages only to those who clicked on the link, and reminders to those who actually signed up. These sequences can get quite involved with invitations, follow-ups, reminders, and other targeted messages; but they are extremely effective!

Some specific email marketing programs we recommend include (listed in order of capabilities and cost):

  1. Mail Chimp – only the paid versions allow you to utilize the autoresponders, but they start at just $5 per month
  2. Aweber – additional ‘sequencing’ and autoresponder abilities
  3. 1ShoppingCart – integrated shopping cart and affiliate program options with ‘sequencing’ and autoresponder abilities
  4. Infusionsoft – comprehensive marketing and e-commerce solution, with advanced ‘sequencing’ abilities

Because of the value of automation, it’s important to understand how autoresponders work when choosing an email marketing service.
For example, you want to be sure you can establish multiple autoresponders and even customized autoresponders according to list and group segregation. Some of the basic programs allow you to accomplish this.

Feel free to post any questions or comments about autoresponders, or contact us if you need help creating and setting-up your own autoresponders.


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