Support for Authors

Authors are best at writing. When you are not writing, you are speaking, building your brand, promoting your books, and connecting with people. You may also be on multiple boards, part of multiple organizations that support your industry, and writing topics.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
-Ernest Hemingway

A Virtual Business and Marketing manager can help with all of your various directions and activities, providing confidence where you need assistance and support.

We help keep you organized and improve your current processes, freeing you up to write.

A list of some of the ways we help support authors:

  • Coordinating publishing efforts
  • Managing inventory
  • Website management
  • Product development and launch
  • Newsletter formatting and distribution
  • Press release formatting and distribution
  • Article formatting and distribution
  • Social media management
  • Data entry and word processing
  • Editing and proof reading
  • Email and calendar management tools

We offer virtual business support to keep you organized and improve your current processes.

Learn more about our support for authors by contacting us for a free consultation.